Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekly Update - Bright Feathers & UFO - Tiny Stockings

Here’s what I got done on Bright Feathers this week.

I didn’t get any work done on the Fluffy Shawl. Since it’s September already, I figured that as my progress has been so slow I should put the shawl away and get started on Christmas gifts. I’ll continue to work on Bright Feathers as well.

I pulled out a kit that I’ve had lying around for years, the Tiny Stockings ornaments designed by Jorja Hernandez. Despite the fact that she’s designed many patterns for most of the major publishers, I can’t find a website for Ms. Hernandez. If anyone knows of one, please tell me in the comments.

I was surprised to find that I had 2 of the stockings already stitched, cut out, pinned, and ready to sew together.

According to the pattern, you’re supposed to cut out a cardboard insert and batting, make monk’s cord out of some of the floss, and sew all that together between the stitched aida and felt. I decided that was way too much work, so I’m just sewing the felt and aida together and using some sparkly red Kreinik braid for the hanger.

I finished one of the stockings today. I think I need to remake my template, because it didn’t come out quite as stocking-shaped as I would like.

I also started stitching the stocking that says “Merry Christmas”. I broke the rules again by cutting the fabric before stitching it (the pattern wants you to stitch all the stockings first, then cut them out), because I didn’t feel like dealing with a huge piece of fabric.

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