Friday, May 5, 2017


I've finally finished stitching Serenity by Joan Elliott. I actually finished it last Thursday but have only just got around to blogging about it.

So far, I'm right on track for my goal of finishing 6 projects this year. I haven't, however, been doing so well on my plan to work on one finishing project, one quilting/binding project, and one of my own designs each week. This year has been so crazy that I just haven't had as much time for needlework as I would have liked. Things seem to be settling down now, but I still think I need to scale back and just focus on my remaining 4 goal projects. Once those are done, hopefully I can start getting into a weekly routine.

I wanted to work on Around the Town next, but I hurt my right elbow (not badly) and until it heals I can't use an iron. Crocheting's a bad idea too, so I'm working on Elements of Nature I even though I'm rather tired of cross stitch at the moment. The good news is that it's coming along fairly quickly; enough so that I hope I don't finish it before my elbow heals as I don't fancy trying to learn to iron left-handed. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rose Cross

I've already finished one of my projects for this year's goal! Yay! I've finished stitching the Rose Cross by Irene O. Thomas. I actually finished it a week ago, but between work craziness and illness I haven't had a chance to blog about until today.

The remaining 5 projects won't go this quickly. 😉 This one was nearly done when I posted about my goals. So far, I've managed to work on a goal project, a quilting/binding project, and one of my designs each week. However, I haven't been working on a finishing project because that involves digging through my stash and the aforementioned craziness and illness has prevented that. I'm hoping this weekend to be able to get started on my next finishing project and get back on track.