Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekly Update - Morning Glory Afghan

Once again, the Morning Glory afghan was designed by Michele Maks.

I got some more crocheting done on the 2nd panel.

My hands got tired while I was crocheting today, so I switched gears and did some embroidery on the first panel.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and for some reason tend to hold my crochet hook in a death grip, so my hands will often start hurting after I’ve been crocheting for a while. If I’m not working on a multiple technique project like this, I’ll crochet for a while and then stop and weave in ends or switch to a knitting or cross stitch project.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UFO - Morning Glory Afghan

After 3 months of cross stitch, I’m ready for a change, so I’m switching to crochet for a bit. I’ve picked up one of my UFOs, the beautiful Morning Glory Afghan by Michele Maks. It was published in the March-April 1991 issue of Annie’s Crochet Newsletter. It measures 65”x78” and consists of crocheting, appliqué, and embroidery, so it’s quite a project.

I’d never kept track of the time spent on my needlework before starting this blog, so I have no idea when I started this project or how long I’ve worked on it. However, here’s what I have done so far.

The afghan consists of 4 panels. Each panel starts with 14 squares which are sewn together to form a strip. Then, one crochets along the edge of the strip.

After the panel is crocheted, it’s embroidered with cross stitches and lazy daisy stitches. I still have some embroidery left to do on the 1st panel.

After the panel is embroidered, then leaves and flowers are crocheted.

Two leaves are sewn to the back of each flower, and the entire unit is then sewn to the panel.

I need 28 blue flowers total for the afghan. I’ve done 8, 2 of which are sewn to leaves.

I need 28 purple flowers total. I’ve done 6, 1 of which is sewn to leaves.

I need 104 leaves. I’ve done 27.

I’ve also started a 2nd panel.

After the panels are completely done, they’re sewn together. Then another strip of squares is made and sewn to the edge of the afghan. Finally, a border is crocheted around the entire piece.

I’ve kept to the original colors for the most part, which is unusual for me. Normally, the first thing I do is change the colors. The only change I’ve made on this piece was to do the background in a light grey rather than the off white called for in the pattern so that it wouldn’t show dirt as easily.

Finished Stitching - Checkerboard Dots

I finally finished stitching Checkerboard Dots this morning!  :-D

Checkerboard Dots - Done!

It took me 3 months. Now I just need to wash, iron, and frame it.  ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly Update - Checkerboard Dots

I’m almost done with Checkerboard Dots. I just have 2 ½ more rows of squares to do.

Checkerboard Dots 5-18-11

I’m at that point where the end is in sight and I just want to get. the. damn. thing. done. I plan to spend tonight stitching and keep stitching until either I finish or I start falling asleep.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekly Update - Checkerboard Dots

I made good progress again this week. As always, the picture will be larger if opened in a separate tab or window, and comments are appreciated.

Checkerboard Dots 5-11-11

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Design - Hyper Dots

Whew! What a crazy day! Everything was happening at once, plus I got a design idea this morning and felt the need to implement it right away. Btw, if anyone has any good ideas for something to jot notes down on in the shower I’d love to hear them. ;-)

Anyway, I wondered what would happen if I inverted Checkerboard Dots in on itself. Here’s the result.  As always, the image will be larger if opened in a new tab or window.

Hyper Dots - Computer Simulation

I swear that all the lines in the checkerboard are straight, and there’s no actual movement – this image isn’t animated! ;-)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekly Update - Checkerboard Dots

I made good progress again this week.

Checkerboard Dots 5-4-11

Please feel free to leave a comment. Any feedback – positive or negative – would be greatly appreciated.