Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goals for 2013

I plan to continue working on each type of needlework project for at least 30 minutes each week. This is really working out well for me. I don't get burned out like I do when I'm only working on one project. Also, when I get to a part of a project that I simply don't want to do it's not too difficult to make myself do just 30 minutes on it.

Eventually I'd like to have, ideally, only one of each type of project (2 or 3 is probably more realistic). However, I have so many UFOs that it will take years to reach that point. I also plan to only work on one sew-along at a time. That will happen as soon as Deanne Eisenman's project wraps up. I'll continue to do Pam Buda's projects but not take on any more.

My main goal for 2013 is going to be to use up all the acrylic worsted weight yarn in my stash. I long ago decided not to buy any more synthetic yarn, but I still have a lot of the stuff.

To accomplish this goal I'll have to finish the following projects:

Morning Glory afghan
Octopus Garden Blanket
Another crochet afghan UFO
At least one scrap afghan from the leftovers

Once I'm left with just the smallest scraps, I'll use them in one final project. I have a crocheted afghan UFO, Granny's Daughter (more on that when I get to it), that utilizes very small scraps. I won't finish it, but I'll use up all the acrylic scraps that I've saved for it. I can use scraps of other types of machine washable yarn for the rest of it.

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