Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Design - Web

Web - computer simulation

I'm not sure what type of embroidery to call this. I've looked everywhere and can't find anything that looks like it. It's counted, so it's not crewelwork. It's too complex to be blackwork. It's too open to be needlepoint, plus I plan to stitch it on evenweave fabric, not canvas. If anyone's seen anything that resembles this, please let me know.

All the stitches are straight stitches. Any curves you think you may see are an optical illusion. It looks like it will be interesting to stitch.


  1. Very mathematical. I approve. Also reminds me of lace work but I don't know anything about needlework of any sort so I might be using the wrong terms.

  2. Thanks! :)

    Yes, a geometric figure that I saw online caught my eye and I started playing with it.

    It does look lacy, but it's not lace. Lace is a piece of fabric with a lot of holes in it, whereas this is a design that will be stitched onto a piece of fabric with no holes.

  3. Ah yes re-reading I saw you'd be embroidering onto regular woven cloth. Lace work I believe is very fine crochet, no? I'll google it.

  4. Lace can be crocheted, knitted, woven, knotted, etc. The defintion applies more to the finished product than to the process.

  5. Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be fine-gauge, although much of it is.


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