Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekly Update


I'm almost finished with Heading North, the June installment of the Block of the Month (BOTM) series by Deanne Eisnenman of Snuggles Quilts. Just 2 more seams and I'm done.


I did a little more on the Blackwork Chessboard by Anne MacGregor.

Cross Stitch:

I got bored with Brilliant Butterfly Celebration from The Gold Collection by Dimensions, so I put it away without doing any more work on it.

I started -- and finished stitching -- AmeriKat, a Mini-Kats™ design by Linda Connors of Calico Crossroads®, adapted from the artwork of Kathleen Kelly of Kats by Kelly™. I have the entire series of these: one for each month. I've already stitched February and March and will post them when I get around to finishing them.

Then I started Elements of Nature I, which is adapted from the artwork of Jennifer Pugh. (The package says that it was designed by Ms. Pugh, but she says on her blog that 2 of her "art pieces have been converted into cross stitch". There's no mention of who did the converting.)


I didn't do any work on my other projects.

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