Thursday, January 21, 2016

Octopus Garden Blanket, Mask of Colors 1, Hidden Stars, Step Afghan


I sewed 2 of Oscar's legs onto the Octopus Garden Blanket by Georgia Vincent.

I didn't do any work on my other finishing projects this week.


I did some more piecing on the 2nd block of my Hidden Stars quilt.


I did some more work on my step afghan.

Cross Stitch:

Finally, I did some more stitching on Mask of Colors 1, a Colray Crafts chart by Michele Sayetta of Heaven and Earth Designs* based on artwork by Linda Ravenscroft.

*As of today, I will no longer be linking to Heaven and Earth Designs.  I have written before about Ms. Sayetta's deceptive practice of using images of the original artwork on her patterns instead of images of the cross stitch thus causing those purchasing the pattern to expect different results than they will actually get.  In the past she has at least been showing computer mockups of the cross stitch on her site (still not ideal because these will vary from actual floss colors).  However, when I went to link to her site for this blog post, I discovered that she has redone her site and now all of the product images show the original artwork.  There are no images of the cross stitch until one clicks through to an individual product page.  Then, there's a tiny image below a huge image of the original artwork that says to click for a mockup.  There is a vast difference between the original artwork and the mockups, e.g. when this person started working on the design they had purchased they discovered that the top of the image was cut off.

This kind of deceptive practice is simply unacceptable.  I will still credit Ms. Sayetta as the designer because it is unethical to do otherwise, but I will no longer support her by linking to her site.  I will also include a note in my blog posts stating that I do not endorse her work.  I will continue to work on the patterns I have already purchased, but I will not buy any more of her patterns.  There are plenty of other patterns out there whose designers do not resort to deception in order to sell their work.

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