Friday, January 1, 2016

Planetarius, Bright Feathers, Leopard Crochet Set Slippers, Da Capo, Bah Hum Bug, Soft Shoulders, Step Afghan

Cross Stitch:

I pulled out Planetarius, which is adapted from the artwork of Miles Pinkney and did some more work on it.

I also pulled out my Bright Feathers design and did some more stitching on it.

I finished stitching the Bah of Bah Hum Bug by Michelle Lutzen of Stitchy Kitty and made a good start on the Hum. These will now get put away until next December.


I pulled out Da Capo by Elizabeth Almond and did a bit of work on it.


I also did some more knitting on the front of Soft Shoulders, a sweater designed by Kathy Zimmerman.


I got a sudden urge to crochet slippers the other night (it was cold), and started the Slippers from the Leopard Crochet Set by Darla Sims (who has written a ton of needlework books and patterns, but doesn't seem to have a website). I finished the first slipper. The pattern includes little bows to attach to the slippers; I'm leaving those off.

Finally, I did some more work on my step afghan.

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