Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monk's cloth

As I mentioned in my last post, I finally got the monk's cloth washed. I washed it in cold water in a nylon mesh bag to keep it from being ripped to shreds by the agitator, then took it out of the bag and threw it in the dryer with the towels.

It really shrank. I didn't think to measure it before I washed it, but whereas before I couldn't get the entire piece of fabric in a picture, now I can.
Monk's cloth before washing

Monk's cloth after washing

It looks and feels like an entirely different type of fabric, and it doesn't feel nearly as soft as it did before washing it.
Before washing

After washing

I've measured the width and estimated how much yarn I'll need to stitch my chosen design, and I've ordered some cotton yarn. I still need to remove the basting from the long edges and hem them properly before I finally get to stitch. Not sure when I'll get to that as I'm in the middle of both an afghan and a cross stitch project at present.

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