Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Update - Bright Feathers & Barefoot Summer Days, UFO - Brilliant Butterfly Celebration

I finally decided I'd had enough of Bright Feathers, so I've relegated it to the UFO pile. Here's what I had done before I put it away.

I got 2 strips done and joined together on Barefoot Summer Days, a scrap afghan designed by Kathy Wesley, and nearly finished another strip.

The strips are crocheted together rather than sewn.

I also picked up another cross stitch UFO. It's Brilliant Butterfly Celebration from The Gold Collection by Dimensions. I couldn't find out who designed it, so if anyone happens to know please tell me.

Here's what I'd already had done on it when I took it out yesterday.

Unfortunately, I discovered that I had missed one column of stitches in the first metallic section, so I had to frog everything to the right of that.

Here's what I got done yesterday.


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