Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Update


I finished the first flying geese block for Around the Town by Dawna Baker and sewed another half of a flying geese unit.

I did some more quilting on Batik Cascade (Batik Go-Round) by Karen Combs.


I finished that square on the Blackwork Chessboard by Anne MacGregor.

Cross Stitch:

I made a bit of progress on Joy of Computer Work which is based on artwork by Randal Spangler and adapted to cross stitch by Michele Sayetta of Heaven and Earth Designs.

Swedish Weaving:

I did some more work on the final motif of the Feathers To and Fro afghan from Learn to Make Monk’s Cloth Afghans by Marilyn T. Magly.


I crocheted another tulip for the Purple Passion Throw designed by Vicki Marshall.


I finished the 1st side border on the Octopus Garden Blanket by Georgia Vincent.


I made 5 more reusable cotton pads for a total of 6.

Then, I started a washcloth. I'm using pattern #9 from Leisure Arts' The Big Book of Dishcloths (designer unknown).


Finally, I sewed the 3rd border strip to Tree Frog Trio (designer unknown) based on No Evil Frogs by Royce B. McClure.

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