Friday, April 3, 2015

Mask of Colors 1, Batik Cascade, Tweedy Topper


Since the brim on my other sunhat is too floppy to be of any use on windy days, I've started knitting a new one. It's a bucket-shaped hat called Tweedy Toppers designed by Susan Z. Douglas (whom I can't find online). It's supposed to have a contrasting-colored band just above the brim, but it looks like the person who knit the one at the link made the same decision I did, i.e. to leave the band off. I'm using leftover cotton yarn to knit it, so I'm having to do some color blocking: blue/purple for the brim, green/purple for the side of the crown, and blue/green for the top of the crown.

I've learned a lesson on this one: change the length of your circular needle if feels like the recommended length is wrong. Not only did I have great difficulty knitting the brim with far too many stitches jammed onto the 16" needle called for in the pattern, but I actually broke my needle! Things were much easier after I switched to a 24" needle.


I did some more quilting on Batik Cascade (Batik Go-Round) by Karen Combs. I've just started the outermost round of squares.

Cross Stitch:

Finally, I did some more work on Mask of Colors 1, a Colray Crafts chart by Michele Sayetta of Heaven and Earth Designs based on artwork by Linda Ravenscroft.

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