Friday, September 2, 2016

Blackwork Chessboard, Bright Feathers, Brilliant Butterfly Celebration, Country Quilt Footstool Caddy, Hand Towels, Hidden Stars, Mask of Colors 1, Celtic Jewel Bookmark, Potholders


I finally finished the Blackwork Chessboard by Anne MacGregor.

And now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!

My next finishing project will be the Celtic Jewel Bookmark from the Textile Heritage Collection. So far I've just washed and pressed the needlework and the felt backing.


I also finished my potholder.

And then I started and finished piecing my final potholder.

I did some more work on the 3rd block of my Hidden Stars quilt.


I finished my hand towel.

I also started started knitting the next one. This will be last of these too.

Cross Stitch:

I did some more stitching on my Bright Feathers design.

I also did some more work on Mask of Colors 1, a Colray Crafts chart by Michele Sayetta* of Heaven and Earth Designs* based on artwork by Linda Ravenscroft.

*I do not endorse this designer's products.

And I pulled out Brilliant Butterfly Celebration (designer unknown) from The Gold Collection by Dimensions and did some more stitching on it.


Finally, I finished the bottom of the Country Quilt Footstool Caddy by Karin Strom. Again, I haven't finished it off just in case I want to make size adjustments later.

I also got started on the side.

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