Friday, May 6, 2011

New Design - Hyper Dots

Whew! What a crazy day! Everything was happening at once, plus I got a design idea this morning and felt the need to implement it right away. Btw, if anyone has any good ideas for something to jot notes down on in the shower I’d love to hear them. ;-)

Anyway, I wondered what would happen if I inverted Checkerboard Dots in on itself. Here’s the result.  As always, the image will be larger if opened in a new tab or window.

Hyper Dots - Computer Simulation

I swear that all the lines in the checkerboard are straight, and there’s no actual movement – this image isn’t animated! ;-)


  1. Taking notes in the shower:

    Although my first thought was the crayons/soap things that are intended for kids to write on the bathtub. I'd have to do some serious research to find those...

  2. Thanks robincgonz! :)

    The Aqua Notes look cool albeit expensive. 7 bucks for 40 sheets plus a special pencil -- yikes!

    The crayon/soap things are probably more within my budget. I don't have kids so I'd never heard of them, but they sound like a good idea. I'll have to look for some.


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