Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bored, Switching Projects

Like most needleworkers, I get bored easily and frequently switch projects or start new projects. Yesterday, I got bored with crocheting so I switched to a cross stitch project.

So far on the Morning Glory afghan designed by Michele Maks I have 12 purple flowers out of the 24 needed for the project (this is the correct number – I made an error in the original post). I also have 11 blue flowers out of 28, one of which needs the ends woven in, plus one that isn’t finished yet.

I’ve completed the embroidery on the 1st panel and have sewn on 3 of the flowers.

I’ve picked up another UFO to work on. It’s the adorable Tree Frog Trio by Royce B. McClure.  Here’s the original illustration that this design is based on: No Evil Frogs.

Here’s what I had done before starting work on it again yesterday.


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