Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Update

Well, once again life got in the way and I haven't had time to post what I had done on Wednesday, but I did get the pictures taken.

But first, a little off-topic news: It kinda-sorta-almost snowed on Wednesday!

This may look like hail, but it's actually graupel which is a weird snow/hail hybrid. Occasionally the outlying areas of the Phoenix metro area will get snow, but it almost never happens where I live in Mesa, so this was pretty exciting. The last time I remember seeing anything resembling snow falling was around 20 years ago, and that was more like falling slush.


I did a little work on Orphans & Scraps, a sew-along by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.

I did some more work on Around the Town by Dawna Baker.

I started quilting Batik Cascade (Batik Go-Round) by Karen Combs.  Since I'm stitching in the ditch the quilting is almost invisible on the front, so I'll be taking pictures of the back to show my progress. And, yes, I know my stitches are a mess on the back because I'm stab stitching without a hoop or frame, but I don't care.

I finally got started on Combination Star, the February installment of the Block of the Month series by Deanne Eisenman of Snuggles Quilts.  This is the last block.


I did some more work on the Blackwork Chessboard by Anne MacGregor.

Cross Stitch:

I did some more work on Fish City which is adapted from artwork by Stewart Moskowitz.

Swedish Weaving:

I made some more progress on the Feathers To and Fro afghan from Learn to Make Monk’s Cloth Afghans by Marilyn T. Magly.


I finished the 3rd panel of the Morning Glory afghan designed by Michele Maks, sewed it to the other panels, and did the yellow cross stitches on the edge of the 2nd panel. There's one more panel, a strip of squares, and the border left.


I finished binding off the 2nd end panel of the Octopus Garden Blanket by Georgia Vincent and started the embroidery.


Finally, I finished stitching the 2nd binding strip to the back of Tech Support, a design by Linda Connors of Calico Crossroads®, adapted from the artwork of Kathleen Kelly of Kats by Kelly™ and started attaching the 3rd strip.

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